Paper money on various papertypes / silk screen with vaseline / size: 8x14 cm

Alternative Currency

For this assignment I created a currency system that would function within the Graphic and Interactive Department at ArtEZ. Not expressed in euros, dollars or pounds, but in the knowledge of different paper types. For a graphic design student there is value in being as original as possible with paper choices for publications and prints. The more original you are, the higher your grade will be. In my system, students can trade knowledge for favours such as feedback, information, help with the concept or standing in line for the printers. Purely based on originality, every new kind of paper is equal in value. But as soon as it is shared with another person, the value drops. Everyone will try to keep their most exclusive and scarce papertype to themselves and first try to pay with the more common and available papertypes. To become richer in my system you have to be an explorer and find new types of paper in papershops all over the country. The paper bills I designed are given out in papershops in infinite amounts as it is purely about the knowledge that is displayed on them.

I silkscreened watermarks on different types of paper. The bills serve as paper money and are only legible when they are held up to the light. This way a snooper cannot steal the information when the knowledge is being passed from one person to the other. Each bill contains information of where the paper can be bought, the name of the paper type and the weight of it, with a unique logo to prevent copying and fraud.

Anda 90

Anda 90

Sketches and graphs illustrating my currency system

Network infographic

Network infographic


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