Iraq War casualties list / length: 8m

Iraqi Casualties

For this project I made an 8 metres long publication documenting both Iraqi civilian deaths and U.S. soldier casualties. For the full online publication click / here /. I listed 1,600 Iraqi and U.S. soldier names over a period of 1,5 years (2003, and part of 2004) in chronological order. The left side of the publication respresents the soldier deaths source and the left side of the publication represents the civilian deaths source, separated by the timeline in between them. There are roughly 6,600 names listed as Iraqi civilian deaths on the Iraqi Body Count website, which is only a fragment of the total amount of 246,055 of civilian casualties source. To show this in my publication I put the word 'unknown' for each day that there were no names listed on the Iraqi Body Count. I also highlighted the words mother, father, child, sister and brother if that was the only information available on, as it shows the incompleteness of data on the Iraqi side and at the same time speaks to everyone's imagination.

Iraqi casualties list

Iraqi casualties list


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