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Toilet rolls representing the devision in usage over the world / material: plaster, wood, metal, clay, plastic, foam / size: 9x11 cm

Object and text

This assignment was about analyzing a simple, functional object / piece of toilet paper / and a randomly found text from the library / text on subconsiousness /. Every week we analyzed them in a formal, contextual and abstract manner. It was an exercise in visualizing the qualities of an object and a text. Afterwards we picked three sketches to expand further. The toilet rolls in various materials are 3D-piecharts of the amount of toilet paper used around the world. The part left out represents the amount of toiletpaper used in third world countries. I also created a short movie on the processing of information and a small novel with the text on subconsiousness hidden in the psycho-analysis by Sigmund Freud. The words of the text are only slightly bigger with averagely 4 words to a page, representing the small part of information we consiously process, the rest happens subconsiously.




Sketching with a simple object and a random text



Novel 'what we see at a certain point' size: 21x14 cm / 21 pages

Short novel

Short novel

Short movie on the processing of information / 34 sec

The processing of information movie


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